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About Blank

Yes, the Muse has taken a sabbatical—

overslept, flown to Europe? Will she
return to me in the fall, wearing sporty
new clothes, swearing off macaroni

salads? Is she reading deeply on some
exotic beach, taking in the best of
the local museums, puttering in a hotel

lobby, or spending too much money
in a shopping mall, while I—at home—
needing a bit of rest myself—

spend my time in rebuttal, anger,
denial, concerning the many blank
pages she left me to fill?


Hope In the Garden

I arise with crusted eyes,
slinging metaphors at dawn,
when suddenly outside my window

in surreal brightness,
the summer sun breaks the night
of my dark, throbbing pain. A flower

appears, but more than a flower,
a garden of flowers—all in the colors
of a perfect array. Still, on the gate

beside the tree in the perfectly
manicured garden, an ailing monarch
labors to breathe and the stem from

a lily is broken into tiny pieces—each
too small for remembrance or any
kind of symbolic thought. I don my

housecoat, my golden-yellow slippers,
run to where a torn gift tag flaps
in the breeze—a fragment that will

modify, punctuate the morning
like a Forrest-Gump feather. Three
words were left legible: All I need.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a Republican, was asked if the nation would be safe with Obama as president.

Her response: “Oh, the United States will be fine.” See more

Last I heard she wasn’t saying who she planned to vote for. 🙂

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