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Pre-race show—we see the King.
Six o’clock and engines roar.
“Green, green, green, green.”
Six thirty, seven o’clock, eight.

Finally the sun sets—yellow,
orange, purple sky, definitely
red behind the lighted stands
at Chicagoland. Hot dogs,

wrappers loose, on the track,
on the grill, overheat, cars too
tight, cars too loose, fans scream—
having fun, time flies. Yellow flag

and crew chiefs yell, “stay out, stay out,”
or “pit now,” “spring rubber in,”
“spring rubber out,” “adjust track bar,”
“four tires,” or “just take two,”

“gas and go,” gain time in the pits,
or lose. Nine o’clock, almost ten, . . .
eleven. Then cars spin, cars pass,
go high, go low, fans cheer, fans

boo. Kyle Busch last night, victory
under the lights—checkered flag,
stuck in the mud, sweat and grin.
Sponsors and an interview.

NOTE: Kyle Busch won night races at Chicagoland both Friday and Saturday night.

Jesus is taken by God or, better, chosen by God. Jesus is the Chosen One. From all eternity God has chosen his most precious Child to become the saviour of the world. Being chosen expresses a special relationship, being known and loved in a unique way, being singled out. In our society our being chosen always implies that others are not chosen. But this is not true for God. God chooses his Son to reveal to us our chosenness.

In the Kingdom of God there is no competition or rivalry. The Son of God shares his chosenness with us. In the Kingdom of God each person is precious and unique, and each person has been given eyes to see the chosenness of others and rejoice in it.

emphasis mine

July 2008