Please wear a black arm or wrist band tomorrow in silent protest of the state of Virginia’s execution of Kevin Green.  Mr. Green is scheduled to die Tuesday night at 9:00PM at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia for the 1998 slaying of Patricia Vaughan.

Medical testing of Kevin Green found he has an IQ less than 70, qualifying him as “mentally retarded”. This class of our citizens was accorded special protection by the United States Supreme Court, excepting them from the sentence of death.  Virginia is openly flaunting that ruling from the highest court in our land.  Further, in order to get the death penalty in this case prosecutors used Mr. Green’s indictment for murder in another case to show “future dangerousness”.  He was subsequently acquitted in the case, making its use in this case invalid and leading to a mortally flawed sentence.  Virginia must cancel this illegal execution immediately!