I endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and endorse her still. I had hoped she could serve her 8 years and a then-seasoned Obama could follow with his 8. (The candidites ages make it impossible to reverse the order.) I fully understand African Americans’ unwillingness to wait.

I will vote for the Democratic candidate in November. My questions have been asked and answered. One of the answers involves the breaking down of a -ism. I’ll be voting for a woman or a black man. None of the answers involve more war. None of the answers involve favoring the rich over the poor (the company over the person).

I’ve read enough nit-picking criticisms of Barack Obama. Many of these are by people who would never have voted for him in the first place: folks who think presidents should be old and white and male. What these people are trying to do is to get others to question a Democratic candidate by asking silly questions.

How about some real questions:

1. Do we want 4 or 8 more years of war?

2. Do we like the way the economy is going? (Not all Bush’s fault, but . . . .)

3. Do we need alternate fuel sources, cars with better gas mileage (not smaller cars)? Do we want to destroy Alsaka?

4. Are we so racist that we won’t vote for a black man because we don’t understand black preaching? Are we so racist we don’t even care?

5. Is it possible to be pro-Israel and pro-Arab? Is it possible to love Christians and Muslims and Jews and the others?

6. Do we like being a nation that is hated by others?

Hate-mongers need not reply to this post.

EDIT:  Is breaking down an -ism an important issue for you?  Do you care if a woman and a black man are elected as president?   What about a homosexual?  Oooooooooooo!!!