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The Spring Supplement of Blue Fifth Review, entitled “Appalachia: A Sampling of Contemporary Poems,” contains an “Introduction ” by Felicia Mitchell, an interview with Kathryn Stripling Byer by Nicole Cartwright Denison, poems by doris davenport, Nicole Cartwright DenisonLibby Falk Jones, Helen Losse, Jeff MannJeff Daniel Marion, Jim MinickScott OwensMorgan Richards, and artwork by Jason Hibbitts.

I want to thank Editor Sam Rasnake and Guest Editor Felicia Mitchell for including three of my poems –  “Thunder and Blue Socks,” “But Why Deer?” and “Clarification.”   It’s an honor to be published alongside poets of this caliber.

I endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and endorse her still. I had hoped she could serve her 8 years and a then-seasoned Obama could follow with his 8. (The candidites ages make it impossible to reverse the order.) I fully understand African Americans’ unwillingness to wait.

I will vote for the Democratic candidate in November. My questions have been asked and answered. One of the answers involves the breaking down of a -ism. I’ll be voting for a woman or a black man. None of the answers involve more war. None of the answers involve favoring the rich over the poor (the company over the person).

I’ve read enough nit-picking criticisms of Barack Obama. Many of these are by people who would never have voted for him in the first place: folks who think presidents should be old and white and male. What these people are trying to do is to get others to question a Democratic candidate by asking silly questions.

How about some real questions:

1. Do we want 4 or 8 more years of war?

2. Do we like the way the economy is going? (Not all Bush’s fault, but . . . .)

3. Do we need alternate fuel sources, cars with better gas mileage (not smaller cars)? Do we want to destroy Alsaka?

4. Are we so racist that we won’t vote for a black man because we don’t understand black preaching? Are we so racist we don’t even care?

5. Is it possible to be pro-Israel and pro-Arab? Is it possible to love Christians and Muslims and Jews and the others?

6. Do we like being a nation that is hated by others?

Hate-mongers need not reply to this post.

EDIT:  Is breaking down an -ism an important issue for you?  Do you care if a woman and a black man are elected as president?   What about a homosexual?  Oooooooooooo!!!