The halls are buzzing—here at the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. So much excitement about Poetry. So much excitement about Ann Hite. So much anticipation. Even rumors, once in a while, concerning the upcoming Southern-style Garden Party honoring Ruth at which time Poetry Editor, Helen Losse, will meet Fiction Editor, Phoebe Kate Foster face to face, fill corridors and classrooms. Flowers will sing and food will proclaim. Val’s grandballons will dig in the dirt. Might the shy Rebekah Cowell make an appearance? Time will tell.

Poems-on-the-Odds winds down. We’ve outdone ourselves this year.

Tomorrow the Mule will feature Carolyn Krieter-Foronda, Poet Laureate of Virginia. She’s our second Southern Poet Laureate. Readers will remember that North Carolina’s Kathryn Stripling Byer made her appearance on the Mule last April. Will others join them? Who will we ask next year? Time will tell. We’re the Dead Mule not a dead school, and as we speak ten poets stand in the lecture hall ready to shine in June and July. And we’re open for submissions.

The very next day, the first of Ann Hite’s short stories, “Life on Black Mountain” begins, getting a jump on May. According to Phoebe Kate, sister woman to our beloved editor Valerie MacEwan, the Mule all but “discovered” Ann Hite. She’s been in the Mule before. Her “Introduction” was published days ago. And as I said, the halls are full of noise. I heard some kind of chatter about a new series by the editors. Just a rumor. Might not work out. But check back. The Dead Mule School’s always up to something that only time will tell.

Thrilled and excited, I write.

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