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Dear Poetry Lover,

Ten years ago we began a Knopf tradition. To celebrate National Poetry Month, we sent a poem a day by e-mail for 30 days to anyone who asked to receive them. Now, with over 35,000 subscribers, we are proud to continue with a whole new series of daily poems. Each day during the month of April you will receive a poem from some of the best poets in the world including Mark Strand, Mary Jo Salter, Julia Hartwig, and Richard Kenney, as well as classics from Frank O’Hara, Rudyard Kipling, Kenneth Koch and more. This year, we’ll also be featuring special podcasts, gorgeous printable broadsides, and signed books.

If you know of someone who might like to join the Poem-a-Day party, they may visit here to sign up.

Best Wishes,

Jason Kincade, Knopf New Media

NOTE:  I’ve done this a couple of years and thought others might enjoy it also.  Helen

Just not all the time.