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April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate the Dead Mule is calling its April Issue “Poems On the Odds.” A new poet will be published each odd day of the month. That’s fifteen poets.

The Dead Mule will begin its April Celebration with the student poets of Scott Owens, the 2008 Visiting Writer at Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory, NC. The students are followed by poets from regular submissions and invited poets. We try not to make distinctions at the Mule. But long-time Mule readers will remember poet Kevin Blankenship as a former Poetry Co-Editor. Clare L. Martin has written a mini-chapbook, Growing Into Myself. We have two chapbooks, There Is a Map by Felicia Mitchell and Deceptively Like a Sound by Scott Owens—yes, the same Scott Owens who teaches at CVCC. And finally we have the pleasure of publishing our second state Poet Laureate. We have six poems from Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, who is the current Poet Laureate of Virginia, as well as a visual artist.

Fifteen Mule Poets. Poems On the Odds! YEEEEEEEEEEH HA!

April 1 Daishi Miyazaki
April 3 Jason Ozolins
April 5 Sam Eagle
April 7 Andy Major
April 9 Trisha Hart
April 11 Torrance Stephens
April 13 Bruce Fuller
April 15 Maria Nazos
April 17 Ellen Kombiyil
April 19 Geoff Balme
April 21 Kevin Blankenship, former Dead Mule Poetry Co-Editor
April 23 Clare L. Martin – A Mini-Chapbook – Growing Into Myself
April 25 Felicia Mitchell – A Chapbook – There Is No Map
April 27 Scott Owens – A Chapbook – Deceptively Like a Sound
April 29 Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, the Poet Laureate of Virginia

So why not start now, reading the poets the Mule has already published, and be ready when the new ones start coming. “Poems On the Odds” is our biggest poetry issue ever.

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