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My position against the war is unchanged, but I am very thankful that my prayer that Shane return unharmed from Iraq has been answered. About 5:30 pm, Shane came home to the apartment he shares with our younger son, Victor. Tomorrow, I understand, Shane is hoping to buy a car.

UPDATE: Shane is the owner of a new ride.

UPDATE II:  Shane’s car is a 2001 Honda Prelude and hugs have been delivered.

I thought my action had pleased you.
My request was reasonable
and I thought perfectly clear.
You said, no, and thought

you were reasonable,
because my request had nothing
to do with my action toward you.
In my response,

I was—quite possibly—unclear.
When I asked you about
the rejection, you acted shocked,
embarrassed, you said,

at the conversation becoming silly.
And it did.  Yet despite significant
positive correlation between
friends’ receiving and giving,

detection of rejection must be
a fundamental difference
between being a woman
and being a man.  I heard

men like women to tell it straight.
We are friends; I write poems;
Your response was rejection;
And the truth is, I am hurt.