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The following is a response to Val’s post “Putting Yourself Out There. . .” that won’t let me leave a comment.

Art is not better than craft; they are sisters, but they are not twin sisters. If art’s the inspiration, then craft’s the grunt work. If art is the vision, then craft is revision. Without the craft, the art goes unnoticed. Without the art, the craft is merely a paint-by-number. The Muse brings art, and the patient artist practices craft. The Muse brings ecstasy, while the craft fixes dinner.

Go Ruth!!!

Nothing but basketball comes in March.
Everyone dreams of cutting down nets.
Who will reach deep to find strength
in muscles that ache but must not quit?

Look how chosen teams play
keep-away with beautiful slippers—
no longer afraid of the Spirit,
no longer afraid to think, holy.

Strong teams wear white, bend weary limbs
like forsythia branches, yellow and hardy.
Other teams wear black—
always black, under the bright lights.

There are no godmothers.
No pumpkins or coaches. Not even mice.
Everyone knows the clock will strike midnight.
And they don’t really dance at this ball.

first published by Writer’s Harbor thanks to Steve.