You cannot have forgotten that all of us, when we were baptized into Christ Jesus, were baptized into his death. So by our baptism into his death we were buried with him. . . . But we believe that, if we died with Christ, then we shall live with his too. Romans 6:3-4, 8

“If the God who revealed life to us, and whose only desire is to bring us to life, loved us so much that he wanted to experience with us the total absurdity of death, then—yes, then there must be hope; then there must be something more than death; . . . But mortification—literally “making death”—is what life is all about, a slow discovery of the mortality of all that is created so that we can appreciate its beauty without clinging to is as though it were a lasting possession. Our lives can indeed be seen as a process of becoming familiar with death. . . . I do not mean this in a morbid way. On the contrary, when we see life constantly revitalized by death, we can enjoy it for what it is: a free gift. . . . ”

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