Jesus was deeply disturbed and declared, “In all truth I tell you, one of you is going to betray me. John 13:21

“. . . . Jesus’ words [above] as they are written in Greek, [would be] better translat[ed], ‘one of you will hand me over.’ . . . If we translate Judas’ action as ‘to betray’ . . we do not fully express the mystery of God’s work. . . . This moment when Jesus is handed over to those who do with him as they please is a turning point in Jesus’ ministry. It is turning from action to passion. After years of teaching, preaching, healing, and moving to wherever he wanted to go, Jesus is handed over to the caprices of his enemies. Things are no longer done by him but to him. He is flagellated, crowned with thorns, spat at, laughed at, stripped, and nailed to a cross. He is a victim, subject to other people’s actions. . . . It is important for me to realize that Jesus fulfills his mission not by what he does, but by what is done to him. . . . I, too, have to let myself be ‘handed over’ and thus fulfill my vocation.”

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