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“It is a glorious destiny to be a member of the human race, though it is a race dedicated to many absurdities and one which makes many terrible mistakes: yet, with all that, God Himself gloried in becoming a member of the human race. A member of the human race! To think that such a commonplace realization should suddenly seem like news that one holds the winning ticket in a cosmic sweepstake.”

Thomas Merton. Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander (New York: Doubleday) : 157

A closeup of clover in Ireland

So we’re having corned beef and cabbage! 🙂

You have the poor with you always, you will not always have me. John 12:8

“To choose the little people, the little joys, the little sorrows and to trust that it is there that God will come close—that is the hard way of Jesus. . . . Something in me always wants to turn the way of Jesus into a way that is honorable in the eyes of the world. I always want the little way to become the big way. But Jesus’ movement toward the places the world wants to move away from cannot be made into a success story. Every time we think we have touched a place of poverty, we will discover greater poverty beyond that place. . . . Beyond physical poverty is mental poverty, beyond mental poverty there is spiritual poverty, and beyond that there is nothing, nothing but the naked trust that God is mercy. . . . Only with Jesus can we go to the place where there is nothing but mercy. . . . Action with and for those who suffer is the concrete expression of the compassionate life and the final criterion of being a Christian.”

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