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In all truth I tell you,
whosoever keeps my word
will never see death.

John 8: 51

“We are subject to temptations in this world: greed and lust, violence and revenge, hatred and destruction. We are not immune to the powers of the beasts. Therefore we have to help each other keep our hearts and minds directed toward the Son of Man, so we will recognize him when he comes and will be free to stand with confidence before him (see Luke 21:36). We have to keep ourselves anchored in his words. . . . We are called to be disciples of Jesus. . . . to listen with an attentive heart. How can we keep listening to this voice in a world which does its best to distract us? . . . Listen to the church, . . . the body of the Lord. To listen to the church means to listen to the Lord of the church.”

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