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How can you believe,
since you look to each other for glory
and are not concerned
with the glory that comes from the one God?

John 5:44

“[H]ow central the word “glory” is in John’s gospel.  There is God’s glory, the right glory that leads us to life.  And there is human glory, the vain glory that leads to death. . . . Human glory is always connected with some sort of competition, the result of being considered better, faster, more beautiful, more powerful, or more successful than others. . This glory comes with upward mobility. . . . How then do we come to see and receive God’s glory?  In his gospel, John shows that God chose to reveal his glory to us in his humiliation.  That is the good, but also disturbing, news. . . . It is through the way of the cross that Jesus gives glory to God, receives glory from God, and makes God’s glory known to us.”

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