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It’s getting stupid.
[HINT: In a few years, nobody is going to care which three years were sponsored by whom. Few care now.]

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, Cup, One Step Down, Trucks.
[HINT: Listen up. It gets harder.]

Cup is the top division in NASCAR. Cup pays lots of money. Who cares whose cup? Who cares whose money?
[HINT: Racing is about drivers. Not owners. Not sponsors. Not car manufacturers. Not engine builders. Not teammates. Not even the Jaws of Life. Nope. Drivers.]

One Step Down is the NASCAR division just below Cup. Fall-backers are the drivers from Cup who also drive here.
[HINT: Some people love to hate fall-backers.]

Trucks are Trucks. Anyone who doesn’t know what a truck is won’t enjoy this one anyhow.
[HINT: Rowdy Busch is really Kyle’s evil twin.]

The past is last week. The present is now.
[HINT: The next races for Cup, One Step Down and Trucks are in the future.]

Did the King win all his races in Cup?
I don’t think so. Does anyone care?
[HINT: Maybe it was stupid all along.]

Have a nice day.
[HINT: NASCAR is fun!]  🙂

See Dave Rodman’s editorial.

Jesus met him in the Temple and said, “now you are well again, do not sin any more.”  John 5: 14

“Prayer heals.  Not just the answer to prayer.  When we give up our competition with God and offer God every part of our heart, holding back nothing at all, we come to know God’s love for us and discover how safe we are in his embrace.  Once we know again that God has not rejected us, but keeps us close to his heart, we can find again the joy of living, even though God might guide our life in a different direction. . . . It is hard to pray in such a mood. . . . It is not what I pray but the spirit of God who prays in me.”

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