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God does not see as human beings see; they look at appearances but Yahweh look sat the heart.  I Samuel 16:7

“Our heart is at the center of our being human.  There our deepest thought, intuitions, emotions and decisions find their source.  But is also there that we are most often alienated from ourselves.  We know little or nothing of our own heart.  We keep our distance, as though we were afraid of it.  What is most intimate is also what frightens us most.  Where we are most ourselves, we are often strangers to ourselves.  That is the painful part of being human.  We fail to know our hidden centers; and we live and die without knowing who we really. . . . The mystery of the spiritual life is that Jesus desires to meet us in the seclusion of our own heart, to make his love known to us there, to free us from our fears and make our own deepest self known to us.  In the privacy of our heart, therefore, we can learn not only to know Jesus, but through Jesus, ourselves as well.”

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