A temporary exhibit featuring the Safe Bus Company will be at the North Carolina Transportation Museum, located in Spencer, NC, February 15-29, 2008. The N.C. Transportation Museum, located in historic Spencer Shops, the former Southern Railway repair facility for steam locomotives, is part of the Division of State Historic Sites, Department of Cultural Resources. (see another picture at this site)

Safe Bus Comany - Historic African American-owned bus company that operated from 1926 to 1972

A 1969 bus from the historic African American-owned bus company that operated in Winston-Salem, NC from 1926 to 1972 will be shown. The bus line was formed to provide African American workers in East Winston-Salem with transportation to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company plants.

[ EDIT: Highway 52 divides Winston-Salem into Winston and East Winston, which is historically black but now home to Hispanics as well. R. J. Reynolds is in Winston, of course.]

“To celebrate the history of this inspiring group of African Americans, the museum will exhibit historic photographs, bus tokens, a bus driver’s uniform and employee handbook and other items belonging to employees of the Safe Bus Company. In addition, the museum will host a media event at 10 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 15 to showcase the company’s 1969 GMC bus that the WSTA [Winston-Salem Transit Authority] intends to restore and use as a rolling museum. Clark Campbell, veteran Safe Bus Company driver and namesake of downtown Winston Salem’s Clark Campbell Transportation Center, will also attend the event.” (see more)

See Winston-Salem Journal and Salisbury Post articles on the Safe Bus Company.