New work from eight poets, Dale Wisely, Jilly Dybka, Ross White, Leslie Joseph, Jessie Carty, Evie Shockley, Tim Peeler and Carter Monroe, will be published on or about November 20. I am completing an interview with Evie Shockley that will be online the same day. Photographs by Bill Losse will be published at this time. Other genres will be online later.

The Dead Mule, under the editorship of Valerie MacEwan, publishes southern literature, as it has done for over ten years, but please remember we’re a family not a publication credit. All Mule editors put their families’ needs and their own health before Mule work. We have lives. We solve problems. We get sick. We have limited time, but we do work hard on the Mule.

We change our publication date from time to time due to any or none of the reasons stated above. And as we have stated previously, all poems will be left justified. To post them otherwise is just too time consuming. We don’t need this issue to cause us as many problems as the last one did. We hope our poets understand and tread softly; we are people. Think of editors as your “poetic parents.” LOL

Helen Losse
Poetry Editor