Chapter 4 Tomorrow Is Now Today, or And Then—Brad

It was 8:20, and Troy had just pulled the chicken breasts off the grill.

Okay, so we’ve done all we can for today, or so I thought. But as I was taking the recycle bin to the curb, Brad drives up. He was there from Time Warner to fix the problem, only he didn’t know what the problem was.


We had not eaten, but I filled Brad in, since he could contact anyone on his cell phone, by reading chapters 1-3 aloud.


“Is there a shorter version,” he asked.


I said, “No,” and kept on reading.


Brad did a few tests on my computer and informed us that a new modem—one taken out of the box—doesn’t exist at Time Warner. He’s worked for Time Warner Cable for a year and a half and has never seen one. Okay. He had Bill remove the router and connect the modem directly to my computer. And lo and behold, I had the bandwidth I was supposed to have. So now the problem’s on our end. Bill will figure it out after supper.


Then Brad (employee 3609), who said he’s “the best in this area made a couple of phone calls. According to the amplified voice of someone back at the office, our contract calls for a two-hour response 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So as the why our request sat 12 hours the day before remains a mystery—one that I aim to see doesn’t happen again.


Brad left. And guess what? When Bill re-connected the router, it worked. We are online. Hallelujah!


That salad with grilled chicken tasted good at almost nine yesterday evening. The Cowboys were on television, a hopeful sign that fall will come. It will not be this hot forever.  And today we are up and running.


But Time Warner, you are not off the hook. I will call you at the drop of a hat. I will use magic words, if necessary. 24/7 is not a secret code; it means 24/7.


(I hope there is no chapter 5. Oh, and all revisions of this story will done later or never.)