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Tomorrow night, thanks to Tim Earley, I will be joining him in a 7 PM poetry reading at the Patrick Beaver Memorial Library in Hickory, NC. The reading is sponsoered by Catawba Valley Community College, where Earley is a teacher.

Here are some poems from Tim Earley’s book Boondoggle, published by Main Street Rag. You can buy Boondoggle here.

Boondoggle by Tim Earley

Thank you, Tim.

Troubles, mostly concerning HTML and achiving, continue at the Dead Mule School of Southern Literuture, but part of the Summer 2007 issue is now online.

Darrell B. Grayson’s chapbook, “Holman’s House” now has a permanent link at the bottom of the Mule home page and “will always be available on the Dead Mule. It is published in memory of Mr. Grayson who was executed by the state of Alabama on July 26, 2007. May God have mercy on his executors’ souls,” according to Valerie MacEwan, Mule editor and publisher (and one of the good guys. 🙂 )

Read poems by Samuel Prestridge and S. Scott Whitaker now. The rest of the issue should be up in the next few days. More information will be posted later this week.

I was tagged to a meme by WW. This meme asks for a proverb. So here’s mine, which is either a bad poem or a good proverb or both.


A careless word may kindle strife.
A cruel word may wreck a life.
A timely word may level stress.
A loving word may heal and bless.


And now I’m taking a holiday from memes. My meme-maker is on “off” until further notice, probably after the first of the year.

In the spiritual life we have to make a distinction between two kinds of loneliness. In the first loneliness, we are out of touch with God and experience ourselves as anxiously looking for someone or something that can give us a sense of belonging, intimacy, and home. The second loneliness comes from an intimacy with God that is deeper and greater than our feelings and thoughts can capture.

We might think of these two kinds of loneliness as two forms of blindness. The first blindness comes from the absence of light, the second from too much light. The first loneliness we must try to outgrow with faith and hope. The second we must be willing to embrace in love.