Governor Riley Issues Statement on Scheduled Execution of Darrell Grayson

MONTGOMERY – Governor Bob Riley issued the following statement on Thursday about the scheduled execution of Darrell Grayson:

“There has been much attention focused on the convicted killer, but seemingly ignored has been consideration of his victim, Mrs. Annie Laura Orr. She was a defenseless 86-year-old woman who lived alone and died a horrifying death almost 27 years ago. The killer’s own numerous confessions, his own trial testimony where he himself admitted guilt, and the overwhelming physical evidence left a jury no doubt he perpetrated a cruel and monstrous crime upon a helpless elderly woman.

“Despite his multiple confessions and the physical evidence, the convicted killer filed several appeals after his conviction. All were denied by state and federal courts. His convictions of burglary and murder have been upheld at each level of the appellate process.

“No new evidence has come to light that would warrant either a reprieve or a commutation. DNA testing would neither prove nor disprove this killer’s guilt. He was convicted of burglary and murder, not rape and murder, so legally DNA testing would not exonerate him even if there is no DNA evidence that he raped Mrs. Orr. Non-DNA evidence of the convicted murderer’s guilt, however, is abundant. Barring intervention by the U.S. Supreme Court, this execution will go forward as scheduled.”


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