tagged by Jen . . . Ten random facts about me . . .


one. Growing up, my nickname was Hanny. My sister was 3 ½ years younger than me, and this is what she called me when she was learning to talk. It stuck.


two. My middle name is Rae, after my Dad, whose middle name was Ray.


three. My maiden name was Jones. A man once asked me how to spell it. 🙂


four. Potatoes and salad are among my favorite foods. So is chocolate.


five. I like cats far better than dogs. Have you ever smelled a wet dog?


six. When I go to an amusement park, I “ride” only the gift shops.


seven. If she’s nominated, I will vote for Hillary Clinton.


eight. I sleep on flannel sheets all year.


nine. My favorite movie is Philadelphia.


ten. I have psoriasis, but my heart remains unbroken.


okay so I’m tagging . . . Holly, Earth Pal, Ellen, Sarah, and WW


UPDATE:  bonus fact.  I have named my breasts.  The right one is Jane; the left Zoey.  LOL