A big thank you to Billy the Blogging Poet for hosting the contest and to the 44 of you who voted for me.

And now a hearty congratulations to Amy King, whose victory was, at least in part, due to her giant billboard.  🙂


 The final results can be seen here.

 Please consider visiting the blogs of the poets who were in the contest.

Bob Hazelton of AveragePoet.com
Steven Schroeder of poetry, philosophy, poetics…
Laurel K Dodge of Possum
Michael Parker of Michael Parker’s Journal
Collin Kelley of Collin Kelley
Alex Gildzen of Arroyo Chamisa
Sherry Chandler of SherryChandler.com
Sam Rasnake of sam of the ten thousand things
Levari of Night Book
Sandra Beasley of Chicks Dig Poetry
Kasey Silem Mohammad of Lime Tree
Rebbecca Loudon of Radish King
Rob Mackenzie of Surroundings
Helen Losse of Windows Toward the World
Pris Campbell of Songs To A Midnight Sky
Amy King of AmyKing.org
Lorna Dee Cervantes of Lorna Dee Cervantes
Nick Bruno of They Shoot Poets

And of Billy the Blogging Poet.

Thanks to Billy and for my friends who nominated me for the opportunity to be among these fine poets.