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Harry Potter and the
Half-Blood Prince
will make
Rowling richer,
releasing magic into
stores everywhere.  Condi
changes her plans,
goes to the Gaza  Strip,

after Israel—once again—
warns Palestine’s militants.
Trouble brews as
London sees faces of possible
bombers.  Will yet another bridge
come falling down?
There are further charges against

old Saddam, and a police officer
is charged with murder.
Money is part of the scheme.
Meanwhile, governors
gather in Iowa, plan for campaigns.
They mention the issues, are
watched by members of Emily’s List.

Emily, of course, is not the hurricane
bearing the same name
that threatens Mexico, Texas,
while the pope is playing Mozart
on an Italian piano, walking
among the trees, mountains behind him.
The pope labels what he is having

“a working vacation.”




first published in Spitfire Poetics


Remember folks, we had a different Pope back then. 🙂