I wish I could love the springtime the way others do. But for me, there is too much pollen to deal with. The spring is called the season of renewal. I disagree. I think the the fall is the real spring.


The Real Spring Is Fall

The real spring is fall,

starting with school clothes,

a new grade, and then Halloween.

The leaves fall in preparation for

a season of holiday. The climax

is the birth of Jesus, but let’s not

jump ahead too far.


The real spring is about joy,

about crisp country air, about

pumpkins and harvest, a harvest of

corn. The purple of chrysanthemums.

The yellow of the moon.

All kinds of pies, the stuffed turkey.

Granny Smith apples. The fair.


The real spring gives us family,

gives us holiday, gives us candles,

gives presents and love. The real

spring gives us fruit cake, wreaths,

twinkling lights, and roaring fires.

The real spring is fall, the season that

leads to the greatest birthday of them all.


Which season is your favorite? Why?