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I’ve been reading with interest the posts questioning whether we spend too much time blogging. And I’ve decided, I do. But I’m going to take a different approach in cutting back.

As allergy season approaches, no matter how interesting the content, if a blog has a black or otherwise very dark background populated with tiny unreadable white letters, so that I have to bend forward and squint at the screen to get the jist of the post, that blog is a part of my scaling back. . . .

WordPress and Blogger may think they are cute, but I don’t. Starting today I’m going to boycott the unreadbale blogs.

EDIT: Hey, guys. If you have black words on a light background, I can read your blog. 🙂

To be able to enjoy fully the many good things the world has to offer, we must be detached from them. To be detached does not mean to be indifferent or uninterested. It means to be nonpossessive. Life is a gift to be grateful for and not a property to cling to.
A nonpossessive life is a free life. But such freedom is only possible when we have a deep sense of belonging. To whom then do we belong? We belong to God, and the God to whom we belong has sent us into the world to proclaim in his Name that all of creation is created in and by love and calls us to gratitude and joy. That is what the “detached” life is all about. It is a life in which we are free to offer praise and thanksgiving.

February 2007