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I have a new poem, “Smiling and Looking Back,” in the Resurgence Isuue of Scorched Earth.  The poem is a part of my book, which, by the way,  has a new title, No Prayer Like the Fog.  I’m hoping to have it ready for publication later this year.  Then all I have to do is find a publisher.  🙂

If I had no choice about the age in which I was to live, I nevertheless have a choice about the attitude I take and about the way and the extent of my participation in its living ongoing events. To choose the world is not then merely a pious admission that the world is acceptable because it comes from the hand of God. It is first of all an acceptance of a task and a vocation in the world, in history and in time. In my time, which is the present. To choose the world is to choose to do the work I am capable of doing, in collaboration with my brother and sister, to make the world better, more free, more just, more livable, more human. And it has now become transparently obvious that mere automatic “rejection of the world” and “contempt for the world” is in fact not a choice but the evasion of choice. The man, who pretends that he can turn his back on Auschwitz or Viet Nam, and act as if they were not there, is simply bluffing.


From Contemplation in A World of Action. NY: Doubleday and Company, 1971: 164-165

February 2007