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The kitchen door will be replaced on Friday.  We’ll know then the extent of the damage, the cost, and exactly when it will be finished.  Best scenario:  The Home Depot man gets here between 8:30 or 9:00 and finishes shortly after noon.  We then find out whether or not we can get the floor installed next week.  Finished would be nice.

We bought a baby gift for a freind and will deliver it Friday or Monday.  Timing depends on the door.

My chapbook, Paper Snowflakes, was either finished last weekend or will be next weekend.  I will receive books sometime after it is finished.

The Dead Mule has been on hiatus during 2006, but we have begun to consider who we will ask to submit.  Some, if not all, submissions to the Second Edition of the Mule will be by invitation.  At least for the first issue, Spring 2007, they will.  Names are being dropped.  The brainstorming continues.

Troy and Victor both started classes this week.  Victor is rearranging his apartment, since his roommate joined the Marines.  Victor served us dinner last night.  It was the first time I’d seen the apartment and met the young cats, Panic and Circa.

Bill and I plan to do some rail-fanning tomorrow up Hockamama‘s direction (about an  hour from our house).  I have to be careful with my allergies or my eyes swell toward shut.  I’ll blog when I get back, not before I go tomorrow.

I must start Kirby Olson‘s book, Temping

And this weekend’s Bristol, Baby!  Friday and Saturday nights.  I see flashes of orange winning on Saturday.

Soon the leaves will fall, and Bocephus will sing.  Life is good.

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