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My inner Life I can’t reveal––­ ­­­

I chatter––  on and on––

Hidden visions are gifts from God––

Poems of the heart are mine––  then gone––


Rampant thoughts––  I know sometimes—

And sometimes I do not––

Elusive calm––  in God I find––

Tension––  isn’t––   my Lot––

Our kitchen has two doors that lead to the outside world.  One used to be a window, but we had a door put in, when we added our deck.  The other has always been a door.

The door that has always been a door has leaked from time to time.  Bill thought he fixed it, but he was wrong.  Bill did slow the water down.

But now before we install our new floor, we must replace the door and fix whatever damage about thirty years of water has done below the door where no one can see until the door is removed.

Bill first confirmed that we had trouble a week ago last Friday.  So last Monday we went off to Home Depot.  Then we waited. 

Friday evening we got a call and set an appointment for this morning.  Just after ten, Mike Smith, the man who will install the door, came to take the measurements.  He will fax the facts to Home Depot, and we will go there and make arrangements for a new door, et al.

Now Home Depot loves the Losses, but Mike Smith is very busy, so it will be a couple more weeks until the work will actually be done.  Then we will know the whole story (in actual dollars and cents.  Has anyone seen The Money Pit?)

So we continue to be the owners of the world’s ugliest kitchen floor, (althought this has not yet been documented, so you’ll have to take my word for it.  Would I lie?)  It seems, just as we thought, that having the kitchen finished by Thanksgiving is truly a doable goal.  Pictures should be available by March 2007. 🙂 

In the meanwhile, Bill has gone to meet a friend to photograph trains!

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