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The price of peace is greater than the cost of war.  The cost of war is sometimes figured in lives lost.  The price of peace, according to Maya Angelou, is “everything, all the time.”  A pacifist does not believe he/she gets off easy but believes that the end must conatin the means.  Violence cannot bring peace.  Only peace can bring peace.  Jesus is the Prince of Peace, Who paid for peace with His very life.  He made our peace with God and made it possible for us to live in peace with one another. 

One of the greatest joys of blogging is meeting new people.  Sometimes I find other people’s blogs, and sometimes they find mine.  Such was the case with Winsome Gunning.  A few weeks ago, she left a comment on my blog, signed simply, The Artist.  So I dropped by her blog,  Winsome Gunning Art Walk.


Winsome Gunning is a visual artist whose work rises from “the creative spirit within.”  Others call this spirit the muse.  Regardless of her subject matter, her work is always about “discovering this spirit and listening to its promptings.”  She tries to live so that the “creative flow” will not be stifled.  In her artist’s statement, she explains her goal is “to express the realities of [her] existence.”  She uses color according to Kandinsky’s theory on spiritual associations to convey mood and feeling.


Gunning lives in Australia, where she moved in the 1970s, after graduating with a major in painting from Canterbury University, New Zealand.  She then taught until 1991, when she began to concentrate on her own work.  Her early work was inspired by migrant children that she taught in the inner city schools.

As Gunning’s work continues to evolve, she now emphasizes the value of silence, of solitude.  Flowers, butterflies, and birds appear in her work.  On her blog, she explains each new works as she posts it. I am thankful for the day The Artist stopped by, and now I enjoy visiting her blog often and also her web site.

The Door Open to Anyone

Jesus is the door to a life in and with God. “I am the gate,” he says (John 10:9). “I am the Way; I am Truth and Life. No one can come to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). Still, many people never have heard or will hear of Jesus. They are born, live their lives, and die without having been exposed to Jesus and his words. Are they lost? Is there no place in the Father’s house for them?

Jesus opened the door to God’s house for all people, also for those who never knew or will know that it was Jesus who opened it. The Spirit that Jesus sent “blows where it pleases” (John 3:8), and it can lead anyone through the door to God’s house.

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