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Another poem from my manuscript-in-progress, Windows Toward the World, is available.  "Starting Over" is in the Summer 2006 issue of Mastodon Dentist.

On the rock’s underside,

sleeping in the soft dirt,

the earlywigs

roll themselves into balls.

The scent of musty earth

floats upward,

and they scurry to get away—


wishing to live in peace.


How can I justify

this abruptness of sunlight?


Nothing is pure

among thin shadows.

A chill invades me,

and I cast the rock aside,

falling to my knees,

as though my action

might proclaim my innocence.


But who will listen

while I explain—

crying a plaintive cry

to a lonely field

where summer is dying?

Those grubs lie still.


Still.  With no premonition

of autumnal joy.


Those grubs lie still

beneath the lifted stone.


first published in Domicile

I want to eat ambrosia,

dine with the gods.  Dance.


Seraphim at the gate, velvet-winged.

“A plea is not a call,” says the tallest angel.

“One should not taste of success too soon.”


“Yes.  Wait’s a word to ride the wind,”

says another.  “And who will know the

mind of God?”


A celestial chorus in a quick response.

And I, reaching upward, raise uplifted palms.

A spurt of boldness:  Each—in its own way.


The voices fade, and things I reach for seem too far.

Then just as silence slices through morning,

heaven’s jagged edge cuts my finger to the bone.


first published in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

I just printed a five page list of “Search terms for 7 days ending 2006-06-04” concerning my blog, “Windows To the World” and am planning some changes.

How do these people find me? For instance, every day, during the past seven days, at least one search involving William Wordsworth has indicated that my blog is a place to look. I posted three poems by Wordsworth. And while I like his poems and am happy to share them with readers, I offer nothing to the serious Wordsworth student. Just some poems in the public domain that can be found elsewhere as easily as on my blog.

Others are looking for Emily Dickinson, Thomas Merton, and Henri Nouwen, two other poets with whom I have vague associations, and one blogger I’d like to forget. In the week prior to this (sadly, I didn’t print the stats), my essay concerning the reasons I blog was often sought. But this week out of 120 searches only 17 were actually looking for me. Less than 10% . And that’s giving the benefit of the doubt.

This blog is primarily about my writing (mostly my poems). So for the next week or so that’s what I’ll be posting. I will be posting poems that matter to me, even if I have posted them before. And if the stats fall, well, they fall. I will post information on subjects that interest me again, but not during this experiment. Just so you know, if you are a regular reader of this blog.